Best Minecraft hunger games servers


Best Minecraft hunger games servers

Minecraft players have many options for how they want to spend their time. From seeking out the Ender Dragon to building complex redstone systems, there is a lot to do in the procedurally-generated game.

Sometimes players might want to try something new, such as the Hunger Games in Minecraft. This could be a great opportunity for fans of the series.

Five of the best Minecraft servers to play Hunger Games in 2022

Players who want to join a Hunger Games server should be aware of what they are getting themselves into. The Hunger Games is a battle royale game, as fans of the series will know.

To win this game of Minecraft, players must compete to be the last one standing. To play with other players interested in the same game, players can join servers.

How Minecraft players can join a server

It is easy to join a Minecraft server. To join a server in Minecraft, there are just a few steps players need to follow. First, players need to locate the IP address of the server they want to join. To access the server, players will need to have this information.

1) Manacube

IP address:

Manacube, a special Hunger Games server, has been around since 2013. The server was launched in 2013. It has seen a tremendous growth in popularity, with over 4,000,000 players having tried Manacube.

Monthly contests and prizes are offered, as well as multiple game modes such Parkour, Skyblock, and Prison. If you are looking for a reliable and steady server, this world is recommended.

2) Hypixel's Blitz Survival Games

IP address:

This server provides a unique Hunger Games experience for Minecraft players. Hypixel's Blitz Survival Games pit players against one another in search for the Blitz Star, which spawns in the game.

To unlock the special Blitz Attack, players must find it. To obtain this item, players must fight one another to become the ultimate survivor.

3) Hive Survival Games

When playing Minecraft, players can quickly connect to the Hive server. The Hive will appear when players click the “Join” button under servers. The Survival Games can be accessed by players who join The Hive server.

Hive Survival Games is the best choice for players looking to take part in a Hunger Games mode that features unique mechanics such as a new hunger system or special drops.

4) Applecraft

IP Address:

Applecraft offers a unique player experience on Hunger Games servers. Applecraft has many unique offerings for players, including events, shops, custom items, and even towns.

This community has been going strong for several years and players get regular updates about their progress on the Applecraft server.

5) MC Central Hunger Games

IP address:

The MC Central Hunger Games is a great option for players looking for something different in their Hunger Games experience.

This server allows players to play a team-based Battle Royale mode. The last remaining team will be determined. Players will be able to progress through the game and eliminate other players. They will also need to work together to overcome any obstacles.