How to create soul campfire and what to use it for


How to create soul campfire and what to use it for

Minecraft players can find a few good uses for soul campfires. Because of its bright blue light, soul campfires repel Piglins from the area. This is a very effective tool in certain areas of the Nether such as the Bastion Remnants.

Soul campfires can be used to decorate bold builders because they look objectively amazing.

Soul campfires also have another great advantage: they don't melt ice like regular campfires. This is a great advantage for arctic crafters.

Since Update 1.16, soul campfires have been popularly used by Minecraft players. They can be used in Minecraft 1.17 or Minecraft 1.18.

How to make soul campfires with Minecraft

Soul campfires can be made in Minecraft in much the same way as regular campfires. However, the charcoal must be replaced with Soul Soil. If the player has soul soil, they can be made in large quantities. It is very easy to do.

Where can I find Soul Soil?

Only the Soul Sand Valley biome can contain soul soil. The player can light a fire on soul dirt to turn it into soul fire. This is similar to the soul campfire.

It is recommended to use a shovel for soul soil.

Soul campfires can also transform soul sand to soul soil. This is a wonderful way to create a basalt generator.

To spawn the Wither boss, you can pair up soul soil with three wither skull heads.

Soul campfires do twice the damage than a regular campfire.

The soul campfire produces beautiful light, but it has a level of light of 10 whereas the regular campfire has light levels of 15 and 15.

Minecraft's soul campfires can be easily crafted and are very easy to create.