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Minecraft servers

Minecraft 1.8 is an older version than six years. However, it is still the most used version in the community. Only 1.16 was the last version at the time of this article. This speaks volumes.

Minecraft 1.8 servers tend to be more PvP-oriented than their older versions. Minecraft 1.8 servers are distinguished by a combination of server-side optimization (minimal PvP lag), an anti-cheat solution and unique gameplay features.

These Minecraft 1.8 Servers are a great choice for Minecraft 1.8 users.

List of the Best Minecraft Servers for 1.8


MC Prison is a PvP Prison based Minecraft 1.8 Server. The server supports all versions of Minecraft, but 1.8 is the most popular. This is because of the preferential treatment given to PvP-based mechanics when using a 1.8 Minecraft Client.

MC Prison is a great game. Two of their special PvP-based features include completely customized KOTH (king on the hill) events every 4 hours and SupplyDrops, where players battle for airdropped loot every 2 hours.

MC Prison sets to build upon the tried and tested basic Minecraft prison gamemode, attempting to replace boring grinding with fun and fresh PvP elements.


VeltPvP shows what a Minecraft server should be. VeltPvP (HardCoreFactions), has been the standard for Minecraft 1.8 HCF gamemode for years. Partly this is due to the constant evolution of the gamemode on every map.

VeltPvP offers Minecraft 1.8 servers with a variety of content. It also has a large number of Minecraft YouTubers who have recorded and played on it, such as DJTasty and Meezoid.


Extremecraft is an established hub server in the 1.8 version Minecraft community. The current gamemodes include a staggering 20 games, all hosted on the same server network.

Extremecraft is unique because of the innovative approach they bring to Minecraft 1.8 servers. This includes interesting and seldom seen gamemodes like AcidIsland or Skygrid.

Extremecraft is the best choice for players looking for something new on a high-quality server.


HavocMC is unique among all other servers on this list. It is a Minecraft 1.8 server game that is unique. HavocMC is a game that features a world infested with zombies. To progress on the server, players must gather resources, keep safe, and kill these zombies.

HavocMC has both PvP and non-PvP worlds available for players. This allows them to choose if they want to face other players while also keeping the zombie hoard at bay.


VentureLand RPG, a friendly and enjoyable Minecraft 1.8 server is different than its counterparts that tend to be more focused on competitive and hardcore PvP elements.

VentureLand RPG has many unique features such as a custom-built map, unique Minecraft weapons, and unique mobs. VentureLand RPG offers a balanced in-game economy as well as player-shops that allow players to barter and trade goods.