Where to find ores in Overworld


Where to find ores in Overworld

Ores are one of the most valuable resources in Minecraft. Mining is the most popular way to harvest items in Minecraft. The “Fortune”, an enchantment that can be applied to a pickaxe, can increase the amount of ore drops.

Like most things in Minecraft you can make blocks from ores. Most ores are most efficient when they are used to create tools, weapons, armor, or other useful components such as buckets and anvils.

Minecraft's ores are part of a tier system. This signifies how powerful and their defense capabilities.

Where can players find every Overworld ore in Minecraft1.17?

1) Coal ore

One of the most popular ores in Minecraft is coal. Coal can be used to fuel furnaces, blast furnaces, and smokers to smelt or cook other ores.

You can find coal ore at Y levels 0 through 127. It is more common at Y 95.

2) Iron ore

Iron is one the most important early game ores. Iron's importance lies in the fact that it can easily be melted into weapons, armor, and tools. An iron pickaxe, for example, can mine every ore in the game.

Iron ore can be found between Y levels 0 and Y 64. Iron ore is found most often at Y level 16.

3) Copper ore

Copper ore was the first new ore added to Minecraft since Nether Quartz 2013. It is found at Y levels 0 through 96. Most commonly, it is generated at Y Level 48.

4) Gold ore

Minecraft's semi-important ore is gold. It can be used to create Golden Apples, and to protect yourself against the Nether's Piglins.

Gold Ore can be found between Y levels 32 to 79. Y levels 11-12 are the most common levels for gold. In the Badlands biome, however, gold can spawn at a higher level that Y 32.

5) Lapis Lazuli Ore

Lapis, a rare ore, is used to enchant weapons and tools in Minecraft. It is found between Y levels 1 and 30.

6) Redstone ore

Redstone is used for most of the automated builds in the game. Redstone is used most often to create automated farms and hidden passageways. It is a rare mineral, with Y levels between 1 and 16. Redstone has no perfect level.

7) Diamond Ore

The second most efficient ore is diamond. It is highly recommended to use in the Nether and fight against the Ender Dragon. It can be used to create armor, tools, and weapons.

You can find diamond between Y levels 0-16, but it is most commonly found at Y level 11.

8) Emerald Ore

The currency of Minecraft is the Emerald, and the ores of their ores are some of the most rare. Only mountains can be found with the emerald ore. It generates between Y levels 4 to 31.